HJS Mock Test Series (Prelims) | Haryana Judicial Services


  1. Test Type: Online Practice – Mock Question Papers
  2. Time: 180 mins
  3. Total Tests: 20
  4. Attempt: 2
  5. Validity: 180 Days

Legal Bites Academy introduces a wholesome HJS Mock Test Series (Prelims) – Haryana Judicial Services 2021. A series specially designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern for Haryana Judiciary aspirants. A Mock Test Series aiming to enable aspirants to assess their knowledge and preparation to secure a commendable rank in Haryana Judicial Services Exam.

HJS Mock Test Series (Prelims) | Haryana Judicial Services Details 

Our Mock test Series is the perfect module for you to get an unmatched simulation of exams inside your home. The module focuses on giving you top-quality questions so that you can practice efficiently. We offer 2000+ questions compiled as a set of 20 Mock Tests with each test containing 125 questions along with their answers and explanation. Our mock tests strictly follow the latest exam pattern and official syllabus.

Mock Test Series contains 20 tests consisting of questions from the following subjects.

  • Constitution of India
  • Code of Civil Procedure 1908
  • Contract Act of 1872
  • Specific Relief Act of 1963
  • Limitation Act of 1963
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Registration Act
  • Haryana Urban (control of rent and eviction) Act, 1973
  • Punjab Courts Act
  • Family Law (including Hindu & Muslim Marriage, Adoption & Inheritance law)
  • Partnership Act
  • Indian Evidence Act of 1872
  • Indian Penal Code 1861
  • Code of Criminal Procedure 1973
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs

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