Public International Law Test Series


  • Suitable for all kinds of postgraduate law examinations
  • Crack Judicial Services Exam, LL.M entrance tests and Public Prosecutor exam with regular practice
  • 1000 + MCQ Practice Questions, 10 sets of 100 Questions each
  • Free Mock Trials
  • Full coverage of all topics in Public International Law
  • Detailed explanation after every question
  • Guaranteed to improve score

Providing a consolidation of 1000 + MCQ Practice Questions comprising 10 sets of 100 Questions each, this quiz is the ultimate practice tool for all aspirants preparing to crack Post-Graduate law examinations including LL.M Entrance Tests, State Judicial Services Exam and Public Prosecutor exam. Containing comprehensive coverage of all topics from Public International Law relevant from an examination point of view, it has been designed to test student’s understanding of fundamental principles in Public International Law and is guaranteed for an enhanced level of preparation.

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