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CLAT UG Mock Test Series 2022

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Based on the latest pattern for CLAT 2022, avail this exciting CLAT UG Mock Test Series and streamline your preparation as you dash towards the finale with this all-inclusive guide consisting of 20 Full Length Mocks where each question is followed by a detailed explanation to give you maximum output! 


These questions would be divided across the following 5 subjects:

  • English Language
  • Current Affairs, including General Knowledge.
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques

Tests Schedule (Prelims)

Mock Test 1To be uploaded on 15 January 2022.
Mock Test 2To be uploaded on 19 January 2022.
Mock Test 3To be uploaded on 22 January 2022.
Mock Test 4To be uploaded on 28 January 2022.
Mock Test 5To be uploaded on 01 February 2022.
Mock Test 6To be uploaded on 08 February 2022.
Mock Test 7To be uploaded on 15 February 2022.
Mock Test 8To be uploaded on 22 February 2022.
Mock Test 9To be uploaded on 01 March 2022.
Mock Test 10To be uploaded on 08 March 2022.
Mock Test 11To be uploaded on 15 March 2022.
Mock Test 12To be uploaded on 22 March 2022.
Mock Test 13To be uploaded on 29 March 2022.
Mock Test 14To be uploaded on 05 April 2022.
Mock Test 15To be uploaded on 12 April 2022.
Mock Test 16To be uploaded on 19 April 2022.
Mock Test 17To be uploaded on 23 April 2022.
Mock Test 18To be uploaded on 27 April 2022.
Mock Test 19To be uploaded on 02 May 2022.
Mock Test 20To be uploaded on 06 May 2022.

Preparation Tips

Candidates must go through the following tips & tricks to appear in the exam and qualify for the same.

  1. Go through the complete exam pattern and the official syllabus.
  2. Take Online mock tests and practice tests series.
  3. Must go through previous year test series.

Based on the new pattern for CLAT Aspirants, this comprehensive test series is designed to ensure maximum familiarity with the new scheme of questioning by giving students an opportunity to solve 3 tests making sure that CLAT Aspirants can go through several trials before the final exam.

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Important Details CLAT UG Mock Test Series 2022

  1. Test Type: Online Practice – Mock Question Papers
  2. Time: 120 mins
  3. Total Tests: 20
  4. Attempt: 3
  5. Validity: 180 Days

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