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To help you conquer CLAT PG 2022, Legal Bites introduces the CLAT PG Mega Test Series 2022 with over 8000 questions with detailed explanations curated in 50+ subject-wise tests to give you an opportunity to evaluate your topic-wise strength. 

Subject-wise Tests including Mock Tests  

Legal Bites offers comprehensive 50+ subject-wise tests including Mock Test Series comprising 20 tests based on the latest pattern and syllabus. CLAT PG Mega Test Series cover Constitutional Law and other areas of law such as Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Law of Contract, Torts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, and Labour & Industrial Law, etc.

Mega test series is a question bank for CLAT PG based on the subjects and topics.

In this series you get, 

  • 1000+ Constitutional Law questions
  • 1000+ Jurisprudence questions
  • 700+ Family Law questions
  • 500+ Law of Contract questions
  • 500+ Tort Law questions
  • 500+ Property Law questions

With 2000+ questions on following subjects/ topics.

  • International Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Company Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Labour & Industrial Law

You also get 20 Mock Tests + Previous Year Question Bundle.

Intelligent Evaluation

Every paper tests your knowledge of the law and your ability to apply your knowledge of the fields of law. Practice CLAT PG Mega Test Series along with CLAT PG Mock Test Series and Previous Year Questions to ace CLAT 2022 with flying colours. 

Ask your doubts

Confused about the questions? Need guidance related to Test Series? Don’t worry! We believe in strengthening our bond with our students studying hard to achieve their goals. Legal Bites offers the opportunity to engage with our subject-experts to clear your doubts and confusion. Get answers to all your doubts by contacting us at or by comment option on our portal.

Note: Mock Tests and Minor subject Tests will be uploaded as per the schedule mentioned. All the Best.

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