Constitutional Law Test Series

Constitutional Law Test Series

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Constitutional Law Test Series covers an exhaustive compilation of questions from Constitutional Law, this quiz simplifies the preparation journey for law students preparing for postgraduate law entrance tests or competitive examinations by testing them on their understanding of key concepts and memory of important theories through its  1000 + MCQ Practice Questions.

The quiz breaks down the vastness of the syllabus for Constitutional law by categorising the practice questions into a Chapter-Wise format containing 11 sets of 100 questions each. Constitutional Law Test Series covers an

The quiz also comes with Free Mock Trials after the coverage of all topics to test student’s preparedness and is guaranteed to boost their score if practised consistently after study of relevant topics.

Why you should opt for Constitutional Law Test Series?

  1. Ideal for cracking State Judicial Services Exam, LL.M entrance tests and Public Prosecutor exam
  2. Full coverage of the provisions of Constitution of India
  3. Detailed explanation after every question

Important Details

  1. Attempt: 3
  2. Time: 120 Minutes (Each Test)
  3. Validity: 1 Year
  4. Total Tests: 11

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