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The Code of Criminal Procedure is a procedural law which is the main source of Criminal Trial Procedure in the Indian legal system. Criminal Procedure Law has been designed to create legal machinery for the detection of crime, apprehension of suspected criminals, collection of evidence, determination of the guilt or innocence of a suspect, and imposing suitable punishment on the guilty person.

Our Criminal Procedure Test Series has been curated to provide you with sufficient practice to succeed in all kinds of Judicial and Post-graduate exams including LL.M Entrance exam, State Judicial Services Exam, Public Prosecutor exam. This Test Series contains a consolidation of practice questions in the MCQ format to test knowledge of general provisions, definitions and fundamental concepts of law under the Criminal Procedure Code. 

The Test Series contains a total of 1000 questions divided into 10 sets of 100 questions each for ease and regularity of practice with the aim of enhancing student’s general understanding of the subject and boosting their preparation by familiarising them with questions similar to the exam pattern of popular law exams. 

Arranged in 10 sets with every set containing 100 Questions each in a Chapter-Wise Format. The Test Series increases familiarity with the latest exam pattern and can be used as a tool for self-analysis and reflection.

Benefits of Criminal Procedure Test Series

  • Ideal for cracking State Judicial Services Exam, LL.M and LL.B Entrance Tests, Public Prosecutor exam, Criminal Services Exam, etc. 
  • MCQs based on all important provisions and definitions of Criminal Procedure Law. 
  • Detailed explanation for every answer.

Important Details

  • Attempt: 3
  • Time: 120 Minutes (Each Test)
  • Validity: 1 Year
  • Total Tests: 10

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