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Family law focuses on issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. A broad set of rules in the form of statutes governing the family matters, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance etc. This includes some major legislation such as Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, Special Marriage Act along with personal laws for Muslim and other religions governing matters related to domestic connections.

Family Law Test Series is designed keeping in mind the preparation needs of Judicial Services and Postgraduate law examination aspirants. This series contains a compilation of 1000+ MCQ Practice Questions covering important topics of Family Law from an examination point of view to boost aspirant’s everyday practice by testing them on fundamental principles and concepts.

Arranged in a set consisting of 8 Topic Wise Tests and 3 Mock Tests, the Family Law Test Series is devised to enhance the aspirant’s familiarity with the concept and provisions of Family Law in India and provide them with a tool for self-analysis for an enhanced exam score.

Benefits of Family Law Test Series

  • Ideal for cracking State Judicial Services Exam, LL.M and LL.B Entrance Tests, Criminal Services Exam, etc. 
  • MCQs based on all important provisions, definitions and doctrines of Family Law including Laws on Marriage, Succession, Adoption, Guardianship, etc.
  • Detailed explanation for every answer.

Important Details

  • Attempt: 3
  • Time: 120 Minutes (Each Test)
  • Validity: 1 Year
  • Total Tests: 11

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