Uttarakhand Judicial Services Prelims Mock Test Series

Uttarakhand Judicial Services Prelims Mock Test Series

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Legal Bites Academy presents an Online Mock Test Series for Uttarakhand Judicial Services (Prelims) to help you practice more and more for the upcoming exam. These Mock tests are carefully designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern to give you a chance to analyse your preparation and know how much you need to practice more to crack the exam.  

Uttarakhand Judicial Services Prelims Mock Test Series Details

Uttarakhand Judicial Services Prelims Mock Test Series provides the real experience of taking an actual exam. We have prepared a set of 10 quality tests to give you the Best Practice Module. Every test paper consists of 200 questions and their answers (with explanation) from every area, topic and subject of law as prescribed by the officially released syllabus. Attempt these tests to get a better understanding of the upcoming exam. Find out your score and know where you stand. 

The latest syllabus given below is followed in the Test Series. 

Part-I (50 Questions): General Knowledge

It will include day to day happenings around India and the World, particularly in the legal spheres. The questions may relate mainly to international law, neutrality, recent legislation pronouncement particularly the Indian Constitution, law and development and legal aspects but it will not be confined to this only.

Part-II (150 Questions)

It will cover the following Acts and Laws –

  • Transfer of Properties Act 
  • Principle of Hindu Laws
  • Principle of Muslim Laws
  • Evidence Act
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Civil Procedure Code

Ask your doubts

Confused about the questions? Need guidance related to the Test Series? Don’t worry! We believe in strengthening our bond with our students studying hard to achieve their goals. Legal Bites offers the opportunity to engage with our subject-experts to clear your doubts and confusion. Get answers to all your doubts by contacting us at help@legalbites.org.

Tests Schedule (Prelims)

Mock Test 1Available
Mock Test 2Available
Mock Test 3Available
Mock Test 4Available
Mock Test 5Available
Mock Test 6Available
Mock Test 7Available
Mock Test 8Available
Mock Test 9Available
Mock Test 10Available

Important Details

Test Type: Online Practice – Mock Question Papers
Time: 180 mins
Total Tests: 10
Attempt: 2
Validity: 180 Days

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