Crack AIBE (All India Bar Examination)

How To Crack AIBE (All India Bar Examination) Without Breaking A Sweat

As AIBE XV is around the corner, some of you must be anxious about the exam. Here, we provide you with last-minute assistance on how to crack AIBE without even breaking a sweat. AIBE is mandatory to qualify for all law students to practice as an advocate. It is an open book exam where you can carry all your notes, study material and bare Acts. Thus, to clear the exam in the first attempt is not a Herculean task. However, there are few things which you need to take care of;

Study Smart

Know the exam pattern and refer to the latest syllabus to prioritize the subjects which you need to study. AIBE has a wide range of topics but not all of them carry equal marks. To prepare efficiently, create a study plan and focus must be on the subjects and topics which carry higher weightage like Constitutional law, Cr.PC, CPC, Evidence law, Family law, etc,. Subjects that carry few marks can be taken up later in the time left as they are relatively simple and direct from Acts.      

Brush up Basics

AIBE is an exam to know your eligibility. It is not an exam to know your potential as BCI does not declare marks obtained. Candidates are asked questions from the syllabus based on whatever they have already studied in Law school. All you need to do is to go through your notes prepared during the course, revise and brush up the basics. For the study material, you can also visit to (Link)

Practice Mock Tests       

Now that you have created a study plan and following it, you must not miss practicing what you have studied. Evaluation through taking mock tests is important. It will help you to know better which areas you need to focus on more. You can take chapter or section-wise tests. After you are finished with one subject, take a mixed test of all sections and chapters.

AIBE Previous Year Question Papers

Previous years’ question papers can provide you with a criterion and direction to lead your preparation. Practicing papers will let you know where you are lacking. Once you are aware, you can fill the knowledge gap depending on the time left in the exam. It helps to understand the pattern of the exam and attempting these papers can boost your confidence too. 

Know the Bare Act

It is essential to carry bare Acts concerning important areas of law. However, only carrying bare acts is not going to make it simple for you. It happens when you come across a question and try to look for the answer in the bare Act, you can’t find it because you don’t know the structure and division of the Act. Some candidates keep on turning pages of the Act and run out of the clock.

Make sure whatever material you are carrying is familiar to you. Make yourself aware of its structure and know where to find a particular query. It is suggested to go through the index or arrangement of sections of the Act at least once before the exam.

The key to qualifying AIBE is to practice. For exam, you don’t need to study a heap of books. Revising and practicing more and more will get you through. During the exam, in case of confusion, it is better to get help from the bare Act than to be dependent on your memory. You just need to practice and make use of bare Acts smartly.

All the best.

Visit (Link) to know about AIBE pattern, syllabus, and more.

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