Importance of Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Importance of Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Solving previous years question papers helps in many ways. To ace any examination, it is important that students must equip themselves with proper gear and equipment. Candidates are advised to have a sound strategy and confidence to obtain better results. A strategy is an important part of the preparation along with its effective implementation. It proves out to be a game-changer.

Successful candidates have a significant role of their strategy adopted in their success. To practice and learn from previous years’ question papers can make a big difference in your success story. It is a crucial part of a sound strategy to prepare for any competitive exam, be it Judiciary, or any other exam.

Importance of Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Know the Pattern of Exam

One must understand that there is a pattern to everything. Judicial exams also follow a pattern. Knowledge of the pattern of exam, which includes the number of questions, focus on a particular subject or topic, trends, negative marking, scheme of questions, formations of questions, etc., can eliminate many doubts and give a fair idea about what type of questions you are going to face in the examination hall. 

Do Self-Assessment

When you practice the previous years’ question papers, you get an idea about your standing. The score reflects the preparation and gives a chance for you to improve it further. It helps in the evaluation of your knowledge and understanding of concepts and subjects you have studied. 

Gain Unexplored Knowledge

Let us admit it, one cannot study each and everything. It is all about who has studied more and knows a little extra than the others. Going through the previous years’ question papers, allows us to see if anything is left to study or not. One might come across something new and fresh. It also helps us to evaluate the subject or topic wise if some extra hours of study needed to be devoted to a particular topic or subject. Students can fill the knowledge gap through these question papers.


These Question papers work as mock papers to give one a clear reflection of how the exam is going to look like and how well the preparation is. Question papers can be taken as a challenge to complete in the given time frame. And according to the outcome and results, the strategy can be modified and management of time can be done in a better way. 

Boost Confidence

In a nutshell, solving previous years question papers is an effective way to fill the gap and conquer the unknown. An effective strategy requires the knowledge of the pattern of exam one is going to face. After going through previous years’ question papers, practicing them and self-evaluation, actual question paper on the day of the examination can be attempted more confidently. Once the candidate is aware of the pattern, type of questions, and scheme of examination, the actual exam looks less intimidating.

Practice More And More 

The practice is all you need to be a better performer. The more you practice the finer you get. Previous years’ question papers provide you with questions to practice. Along with the model papers or sample papers, it is important to practice previous years’ question papers. It is required to attempt and solve a sufficient number of papers before the examination. 

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