Prepare for Judiciary without Coaching

How to Prepare for Judiciary without Coaching?

Determined to crack the Judicial Services Exam without an excessive tuition fee? Now, Prepare for Judiciary without Coaching with this proven strategy.

How to Prepare for Judiciary without Coaching?

The thought of appearing for the highly prestigious Judicial Services Exam has crossed the mind of almost every law student, either during the course of their study or in their penultimate years of law school before they venture out into the world as a legal professional. On the other hand, for some of them, holding the esteemed position of a judge and playing a decisive role in the law-making process of the country is the very dream which propelled them towards education in law.

With so many people harbouring this ambition every year, it is no surprise that coaching institutes have become big business and the mushrooming of such institutes in every nook and corner of the country has become commonplace.

While it is no doubt that the teaching provided by these coaching institutes have rendered many a success story, the question that needs to be considered is whether the steep price of tuition offered by them excludes several students who cannot afford the exorbitant fees.

Statistics point to a reality which suggests that the proportion of students entering the lower judiciary every year from coaching institutes are higher than those who have succeeded in the Judicial Services exam upon their own preparation.

No one has said that cracking the Judicial Services Exam is an easy feat. It requires accurate planning and strategizing coupled with rigorous preparation within a given time frame. It is expected that a serious judicial services aspirant will sit for multiple State level examinations, each requiring a different approach and plan of action. Enrolling into an institute relieves the student of taking the personal initiative to chart out such a plan as the coaching comes with a complimentary support system to aid the student during the course of his/her preparation journey.

While it is accepted that on account of their extravagant fee structure, coaching institutes cannot accommodate Judicial Services aspirants across all strata of society, this dilemma throws open a host of questions demanding reflection to facilitate a more inclusive cadre of lower judiciary judges.

Can such a support system be facilitated outside of a coaching centre?

With the rapid rise of online e-learning platforms in India, the solutions for facilitating a support system outside of the conventional brick and mortar model of teaching has become possible and increasingly accessible. With the benefit of convenient access, anytime and anywhere, they offer unmatched flexibility leading to a growing number of students opting for online e-learning solutions despite having readily available sources for in-class training.

In addition to digitizing the mode of learning for the primary sources of education for students, online e-learning platforms also provide the necessary support system as an auxiliary means to improve and enhance learning outcomes. From imparting subject-specific knowledge to mentoring students along their preparation journey through regular advice, guidance, feedback mechanisms and individual support, online e-learning platforms have managed to flawlessly replicate the in-class training method, oftentimes surpassing the levels of efficiency found therein.

The quality of education remaining unimpaired, online e-learning platforms have guaranteed that learning is not defined by boundaries which they have ably executed by marrying excellence with affordability.

Can you pass the Judiciary exams without enrolling into a coaching centre?

Definitely, you can!

There are numerous examples where aspirants have managed to crack the Judicial Services Exam without enrolling into a coaching institute. Today, the internet is saturated with information and there are multiple sources where aspirants can find access to Bare Acts, judgements, commentaries and articles on relevant legal topics.

However, when one is preparing for a competitive examination, having a strategy is a must. The key factor in formulating any kind of strategy is to keep in mind that it should cater to the outcome you set out to achieve while factoring in the circumstances surrounding your own individual preparation. Therefore, while referring to multiple sources for preparation material, one has to remember that to ace the Judicial Services Exam, abiding by some set rules of play is a sine qua non for success!

Memorizing provisions in the Bare Acts and case laws is no good until you put your knowledge to test. One of the surest ways of augmenting your preparation is to give mock test papers that model the actual exam to assess your preparedness and take the requisite steps to fill the gap in your preparation if any.

With regular practice, you will gain a sharper understanding of what is asked in the exam and also what more do you need to prepare for to crack one of the most competitive exams in the country.

What is a winning strategy for cracking the Judicial Services without coaching?

Although practising mock test papers definitely helps you progress in your preparation journey, with the multitude of platforms offering mock test papers, whether paid/unpaid, it can get quite confusing as to what source to rely upon.  

Sifting out your sources to focus on one appropriate source which provides you accurate and reliable test papers is the first step towards progressing in your preparation. To counter the dilemma of the multiplicity of sources, it is best to refer to a singular platform that provides comprehensive coverage of preparation material from test series to mock test papers and general guidance on cracking the exam.

While preparing for judicial services, it is always advisable to practise the past years’ question papers of various State Judicial Services to gain a better understanding of the exam pattern. Along with your regular study and revision, it is imperative that you inculcate the practice of solving past years’ question papers into your study routine right from the very beginning. Consistent practice will act as a continuous feedback mechanism helping you understand what you need to do at every step of the journey.

Along with the practice of past years’ question papers and test series, it is important to remember to keep brushing up on your individual subject knowledge through the practice of subject-specific test series or question papers. The idea is to deepen your conceptual understanding so that you are prepared to tackle any unexpected question with ease during the actual exam.

With the absence of a physical simulation of an actual exam that is provided for by coaching institutes, it can be difficult to assess and gauge your capacity to function in an environment of stress. That is why it is important to keep in mind that when you are signing up for an online test series, you should opt for one where the test series are designed to evaluate your performance in a time-bound manner. Regular practice of questions in a time-bound manner will increase your familiarity of an actual exam setting and help you identify your stress factors so that you become more adept at regulating them in preparation for the big day!

On a challenging journey such as this, feedback and mentoring can play a critical role in your success. However, it is not impossible to have a continuous feedback mechanism in the absence of a formal coaching centre. Choosing a reliable test platform which acts as a personalised test and evaluation tool can ease many of your worries and serve as the perfect guide to help you master the judicial services exam at your own pace, including at a cost that is absolutely unrivalled when compared to the extravagant rates offered by coaching institutes.

I hope these words will fill you with a new sense of motivation and courage to chart out your own preparation journey without having any second thoughts of enrolling into a coaching institute thinking it is the singular way to crack the exam. A well-defined strategy, reliable and authentic sources and coupled with ample amounts of sincerity and dedication is all you need to accomplish your dream of entering into one of the most prestigious rungs of society.

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