Company Law Test Series


  • Suitable for all kinds of postgraduate law examinations
  • Crack NET and Services Exam, LL.M entrance exam with regular practice
  • 200 MCQ Practice Questions, 2 sets of 100 Questions each
  • Free Mock Trials
  • Full coverage of all topics in Company Law
  • Detailed explanation after every question
  • Breaks down syllabus into easy-to-do practice format
  • Increases your preparedness to boost score exponentially

In common law, a company is a legal person or legal entity separate from, and capable of surviving beyond the lives of its members. The history of the Indian Company Law began with the Joint Stock Companies Act of 1850. Thereafter, a cumulative process of amendment and consolidation brought us to the most comprehensive and complicated piece of legislation, the Companies Act, 1956. As of today, the Companies Act, 2013 has replaced the Companies Act, 1956. The new Act has 470 sections and 7 schedules as against 658 sections and 15 schedules in the 1956 Act.

Legal Bites Academy presents Company Law Test Series to make students aware of Corporate Law in India. Students get 2 full-length tests comprising 100 Multiple Choice Questions in each test along with answers and explanations covering important provisions and doctrines related to Indian Company Law.

The quiz increases familiarity with Company Law and can be used as a tool for self-analysis and reflection.

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