Motor Vehicles Act Test Series


  • Suitable for all kinds of postgraduate law examinations
  • Crack NET and Services Exam, LL.M entrance exam with regular practice
  • 50 MCQ Practice Questions
  • Free Mock Trials
  • Full coverage of all topics in Motor Vehicles Act
  • Detailed explanation after every question
  • Breaks down syllabus into easy-to-do practice format
  • Increases your preparedness to boost score exponentially

The Motor Vehicles Act regulates all aspects of road transport vehicles. This legislation provides in detail the legislative provisions regarding licensing of drivers/conductors, registration of motor vehicles, control of motor vehicles through permits, special provisions relating to state transport undertakings, traffic regulation, insurance, liability, offences, and penalties, etc.

Legal Bites Academy presents a Motor Vehicles Act Test Series to make students aware of Laws relating to Motor Vehicles. Students get 1 full-length test comprising 50 Multiple Choice Questions in each test along with answers and explanations covering important provisions and doctrines related to Indian Motor Vehicles Act.

The quiz increases familiarity with the Motor Vehicles Act and can be used as a tool for self-analysis and reflection.

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