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Legal Bites Academy brings you The Law Quiz, a collection of interesting subject wise quizzes and practice tests for all competitive exams. 

To achieve our goal to make learning affordable we offer free subject-wise tests and quizzes which can be attempted by anyone free of cost. Know your subject-wise strength and analyse your performance with these tests, covering every major and minor area of law. We believe in extending learning opportunities to every section of society and making legal education available to all.

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Boost your exam preparation with a wide range of Test Series curated for all your Law Exams. Legal Bites Academy has hundreds of expert-designed Test Series for you in the store. 
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UPPSC APO Prelims Mock
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DJS Prelims Mock Test Series
Current Affairs 2022
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Uttarakhand Judicial Services Prelims Mock Test Series
Mock Tests
Orissa Judicial Service (Prelims) Mock Test Series
Previous Year
Assam Judicial Services Exam Prelims 2013 2020
Previous Year
Chhattisgarh Judicial Services Exam Prelims
Subject Test
Consumer Protection Act Test Series
Subject Test
Company Law Test Series
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Who we are? 

Legal Bites Academy is a top-ranked technology-based education platform. We are wholly dedicated to law and always passionate about providing opportunities to the law students to learn and practice with the help of superior quality study material and specially designed Mock Test Series for different Law Exams.

  • We provide you with a seamless and user-friendly simulation for a no-match learning experience for designated success. 
  • Top-notch quality test series and study material covering every important area of law, well-crafted by a dedicated team of industry experts, teachers and lawyers. 
  • Your reliable online law teacher and mentor making learning easy and affordable for you. 

We offer a wide range of free as well as premium learning packages designed and made available on the demands of the students, updated with tons of questions regularly.

Mock Test Series 

Mock Test Series give you an all-around assessment and the experience of taking an exam sitting in your room. Specifically designed Mock Test Series based on the latest pattern and syllabus of exams you are appearing for help you to evaluate your understanding of the exam, your performance, and analyse your strengths/weaknesses while learning time-management skills. 

Mega Test Series 

You get thousands of questions to practice subject wise. This helps you to improve your knowledge of different areas covered in exams. We also have a dedicated section to cover “current affairs” asked in exams. The Mega Test Series covers all the subjects from the syllabus and polish you subject-wise so that you can perform well in the exams.

Previous Years Papers 

Preparation for any exam is incomplete without practising previous year papers. Keeping that in mind, we make available Previous Year Papers for each and every exam on the platform.

Get Intelligent Explanation and Evaluation

We offer you the opportunity to learn and assess yourself completely. We are committed to making you a better learner giving explanations and reasoning for every answer along with the performance-analysis report.

Legal Bites Academy

Legal Bites Academy is the learning partner you are looking for. With a wide range of Test Series and other exciting offers, we are the ready-to-go destination for every student and aspirant.

More Services and Features at Legal Bites Academy

Aspirants looking to prepare for Law Entrance Exams/Judicial Services Exams online can access specially designed test modules, study material and other exciting offers on our website. The below-mentioned topics and features are provided for you.

  • Daily and Comprehensive News Analysis
  • Complete Judicial Services Exam Syllabus
  • Video lectures on Trending Topics for comprehensive preparation online
  • Sample Question Papers across Prelims and Mains
  • Monthly Quiz for Current Affairs Preparation
  • Topic-specific articles from the core Law Syllabus
  • Strategy Articles that can help formulate a study plan along with tips and tricks to crack the exam
  • List of Acts and other reference books etc.
  • Timely & Updated Official Notifications
  • Judiciary Study material
  • Past Years’ Question Paper
  • Mock Test Series for Prelims and Mains
  • The Best and Absolutely Free Study Material for Judiciary exam

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