How to Crack the Uttarakhand Judiciary Preliminary Examttarakhand Judicial Preliminary Exam

The Most Efficient Strategy to Crack the Uttarakhand Judiciary Preliminary Exam

About the Uttarakhand Judicial Services Examination

The Uttarakhand Judicial Services Examination is held every year in the state of Uttarakhand.

In India, the UKPCS(J) is equivalent to any other judicial examination. Every year, the Public Service Commission, under the supervision of the High Court of Uttarakhand, conducts an exam for the position of Civil Judge (Junior Division).

Anyone who meets the qualifying requirements is eligible to apply.

How to Crack the Uttarakhand Judiciary Preliminary Exam

The days of candidates strategizing their preparation in phases are long gone.

Everyone studies for Mains, from UPSC to Judiciary Aspirants, and a month or two before Prelims, they transfer their concentration to it. This strategy aids in clearing not only Prelims but also Mains, as the time required to prepare for Mains after qualifying in the first round is only around a month.

So, how do you go about doing it?

Legal Bites Academy has designed a thorough strategy to prepare you for the forthcoming exam and Crack the Uttarakhand Judiciary Preliminary Exam.

The Syllabus: Sorting It Out

Every judicial exam in India requires specific attention to certain subjects depending upon the state to state. For Uttarakhand, attention is needed on GK, International Law, Constitution, Major Civil and Criminal laws. These subjects are important from the Uttarakhand Judiciary Prelims point of view.

Conquering your syllabus from the start will assist you in determining what the most significant courses and themes are, as well as where you should concentrate your efforts. It is critical to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Examine your syllabus with The Law Quiz, a free online quiz, and test. To understand your strengths in each topic and analyze your performance in every major and small area of law.

Legal Bites Academy carefully creates its mock tests according to the most recent syllabus and pattern, allowing you to assess your preparation and determine how much more practice you need to get ready for the exams.

General Knowledge

It is recommended that you take careful notes of any amendments, court judgments, or other pertinent information related to the Constitution and International Law.

Begin your preparations by accessing the Uttarakhand Judiciary Prelims Mock Test series. Part-I of the mock series will focus on General Knowledge as per the pattern of the exam based on the previous year’s papers. Candidates can also master the foundations of the discipline by taking free subject-specific quizzes and reading articles on the website.

Even though the GK section is only equal to 50 points, every single point counts when it reaches the finish line.

Law Subjects

What can be done to improve a candidate’s chances of passing the Preliminary Exam?

The rationale is straightforward. You can understand the language of the legislation by reading the Bare Act, which was written by the legislature itself. It aids you in comprehending the law’s essence rather than its text. You can use any basic book on the subject to fill in the gaps.

Another crucial component in passing the Prelims is having a thorough understanding of the topics. Keeping that in mind Part-II of the Uttarakhand Judiciary Prelims Mock Test series focuses on Transfer of Property Act, Principle of Hindu Laws, Principle of Muslim Laws, Evidence Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Penal Code and Civil Procedure Code.

It is critical to understand the fundamentals of subjects; otherwise, during the examination, all responses will appear to be the same.

Say Yes to Mock Tests

Many applicants become puzzled during the test because they have not solved the previous year’s question papers or MCQs.

This is especially true for candidates who are running for the first time. As you sit for the exam, it’s easy to feel blank and useless. So, before you try the paper, you should practice with mock exams to prepare your mind and body for the exam.

Not only that, but check over previous years’ question papers and make a list of the significant subjects that were addressed. After that, prepare them by taking notes, learning from reliable sources, and revising many times.

Legal Bites Academy has put together a collection of all the MCQs from past years, ranging from 2013 to 2019, to help you get started with the series and have a better grasp of the exam pattern.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

In addition to having the correct resources for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Preliminary exam, it is recommended to follow the following approaches for effective preparation: –

  • Take timed tests: If you want to ace the Uttarakhand Judiciary Prelims exam, you should practice using timed exams. Set a timer for yourself based on the exam length and try to finish the previous year’s questions. This technique might assist you in developing a time management strategy for the official test.
  • Take breaks: When studying for the exam, taking breaks is very crucial. You might easily burn out or get overworked if you don’t take pauses. As a result, take brief pauses in between your study sessions to increase your productivity.
  • Stick to a routine: To ace any test, it’s very vital to keep to a routine. This is because you will be better organized and will be able to complete the tasks more quickly. As a consequence, it is advised that you create or follow a study program and keep to it to achieve good results.

Applicants can visit the Legal Bites Academy to find the best study resources to help them prepare for the Uttarakhand Judiciary Prelims exams. This will guarantee that they are prepared for the exam and that they give it their all. It’s a one-stop shop for all your learning needs for any Law or Judiciary Prelims exam.

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