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Preparation for any Competitive Exam is incomplete without the regular practice of GK and Current Affairs. Legal Bites Academy presents the Current Affairs Test Series to help you score well in GK and Current Affairs in the various competitive exams. Take monthly tests to get a deep insight into national and international events along with the essential general knowledge and be prepared to take the exam.

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Legal Bites Academy has hundreds of expert-designed Tests Series for you in the store. Check out other relevant Test Series from Legal Bites Academy in other tabs.

Current Affairs 2022
Current Affairs 2021 | Monthly
Current Affairs 2020 Test Series

Current Affairs Test Series – Details 

Legal Bites Academy offers you a wide variety of Multiple-Choice questions ranging from law to science with an objective to give you a ready compilation of question to score well in the GK and Current Affairs section of every competitive exam be it CLAT, UPSC, Judiciary, AILET, or any other Law Entrance Exam.

Topics and subjects 

Polity, law, important world events, important days, economy, banking, public schemes, healthcare, industry, agriculture, etc.

Legal Bites Academy

Legal Bites Academy is the learning partner you are looking for. With a wide range of Tests Series and other exciting offers, we are the ready-to-go destination for every student and aspirant.

Featured Articles

For your guidance and help you out in the preparation of the exams, Legal Bites Academy provides numerous articles giving out tips and tricks to help you in devising a strong strategy for the exams. Check out the articles related to different topics of law and services in the legal field.

What will you find at Legal Bites Academy?

Aspirants looking to prepare for Competitive Exams online can access study material, high-quality tests, and other exciting offers on our website. The below-mentioned topics and features are provided for you.

  • Daily and Comprehensive News Analysis
  • Complete Judicial Services Exam Syllabus
  • Video lectures on Trending Topics for comprehensive preparation online
  • Sample Question Papers across Prelims and Mains
  • Monthly Quiz for Current Affairs Preparation
  • Topic-specific articles from the core Law Syllabus
  • Strategy Articles that can help formulate a study plan along with tips and tricks to crack the exam
  • List of Acts and other reference books etc.
  • Timely & Updated Official Notifications
  • Judiciary Study material
  • Past Years’ Question Paper
  • Mock Test Series for Prelims and Mains
  • The Best and Absolutely Free Study Material for Judiciary exam

Study Material

Legal Bites brings to you a comprehensive Study Material for all your needs. And you won’t believe it is free of cost. These materials are a quality piece of research from eminent research scholars and professors crafted for easy understanding and an affordable study for law students. These are important from the point of view of exams.

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